Job spotlight

Publix storefront

July 2024

Job Spotlight: Real Estate Regional Property Manager

Publix’s real estate department is committed to securing and maintaining the most strategic locations across our operating area through site selection, development, leasing, property management, and acquisitions.

Publix storefront

April 2024

Job Spotlight: Publix Real Estate Specialist

In the bustling world of retail, behind every new store location and every store upgrade, lies a detailed process driven by Publix’s Real Estate department.

Job Spotlight: Digital and Loyalty Marketing Team

February 2022

Job Spotlight: Digital and Loyalty Marketing Team

Publix has many digital offerings to help make shopping a pleasure for customers. Behind each of those offerings is a team of talented individuals contributing to Publix’s premier customer service.

Job Spotlight bakers

January 2022

Job Spotlight: Bakers

Have you ever thought about what goes into making your favorite Publix Bakery items? We’re putting the spotlight on our bakers to learn more.

Job Spotlight: Pharmacy Technician

October 2021

Job Spotlight: Pharmacy Technician

Our registered pharmacy technicians support the daily operations of our pharmacies and interact with customers during each visit, building strong bonds and relationships.

publix pharmacist associate in store fulfilling prescriptions

September 2021

Job Spotlight: Pharmacists

We appreciate all the hard work put in at our pharmacies, so we want to shine the spotlight on our Publix pharmacists!

Job Spotlight: ADA Field Surveyor

June 2021

Job Spotlight: ADA Field Surveyor

In our job spotlight series, we highlighting ADA field surveyors to learn more about this unique position.

Grab & Go meals at Publix.

April 2021

Job Spotlight: Fresh Kitchen

From smoked chicken meals to deli sandwiches, there are many offerings when it comes to the grab & go section of your local Publix.

publix cake

March 2021

Job Spotlight: Cake Decorator

Our cake decorators put the icing on the cake, literally! Learn more about this position and what it takes to be a Publix cake decorator.

Meat Cutter

February 2021

Job Spotlight: Meat Cutter

As you can imagine, our meat cutters have multiple responsibilities each day including providing quality products, premier customer service, a clean and sanitary environment and most importantly, working safely.

Job Spotlight: Business Analysis and Reporting

January 2021

Job Spotlight: Business Analysis and Reporting

In our job spotlight series, we highlight departments and positions across Publix and share how they contribute to Publix’s continued success.

Job Spotlight: Omnichannel

September 2020

Job Spotlight: Omnichannel Analytics

At Publix, we always strive to provide our customers with a convenient and pleasurable shopping experience, whether that’s in store or online. If you’ve ever used Publix Delivery, picked up your groceries using our curbside service or ordered a deli sub online, you’ve taken advantage of some of our omnichannel shopping solutions.