Job Spotlight: Publix Real Estate Specialist

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From scanning store products to scouting store sites: The evolution of a Publix Real Estate Specialist.

In the bustling world of retail, behind every new store location and every store upgrade, lies a detailed process driven by Publix’s Real Estate department.

Meet Melissa, Publix Real Estate Specialist.

Melissa’s story starts at an early age, where family connections fostered a deep admiration for Publix’s values and impact. Her career path within Publix began during her college years where she started as a cashier and was eventually promoted into store leadership roles. Melissa then transitioned from working in the store to working in the corporate office within the real estate department. She started as an assistant to the real estate manager and now works in the real estate specialist role.

Her journey from cashier to real estate specialist is not just inspiring but represents the opportunities for growth that Publix offers its associates.

Melissa’s impact.

As a real estate specialist, Melissa scouts new store sites and helps Publix expand the store footprint. Real estate specialists are assigned a territory that they routinely visit to analyze trade areas, formulate sales projections, and consider return on investment potential. Her days are filled with evaluating current stores, negotiating leases, and strategizing upgrades, all while balancing office work with site visits.

The journey to becoming a real estate specialist requires a unique blend of skills and attributes. Melissa emphasizes the importance of understanding department processes and procedures, having flexibility and a hunger for learning, and developing a thorough understanding of market dynamics. Adaptability is also a key skill used in the ever-evolving retail landscape, where quick pivots and ownership of markets are essential for success. It’s important for real estate specialists to be in the field to understand our store locations, competition, road networks, and the communities a potential store will service.

For aspiring real estate specialists, experience with reading and negotiating legal documents, such as leases, purchase contracts and amendments is necessary as it is a daily aspect of the job. In addition, they analyze developers’ financial statements and negotiate economic terms of a letter of interest (LOI) for each deal, and they also manage all Publix Liquors deals within their territory. Lastly, proficiency in geographic information systems (GIS) and map analytics adds a valuable layer to the skill set of a real estate specialist.

What Melissa cherishes most about working at Publix is the dynamic nature of her role. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities, making her work rewarding. She finds comfort in Publix’s unwavering commitment to the community and its humble beginnings, despite its expansive growth.

Melissa’s story serves as inspiration, highlighting the boundless opportunities and the nurturing environment that Publix provides for its associates. Behind every successful store opening and every strategic move, there’s a dedicated team of real estate professionals like Melissa, shaping the future success of Publix.

To learn more about Publix’s Real Estate department, and view the current openings, visit

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