Meat Cutter

Job Spotlight: Meat Cutter

by Allison L. | February 24, 2021

You might visit our meat department when you’re looking for a juicy steak or the perfect cut of meat. Did you know our meat is cut in-store each day by our meat cutters? We had the chance to speak to one of our meat retail coordinators, Mike, to learn more about making the cut as a meat cutter!

Meat cutter responsibilities.

As you can imagine, our meat cutters have multiple responsibilities each day including providing quality products, premier customer service, a clean and sanitary environment and most importantly, working safely.

These responsibilities are achieved by having the proper skills for the job. Our meat cutters are looked at as the subject matter experts on all things meat! That means they not only know how to process meat, but they also know how to cook and prepare the products. Since our meat cutters also work with customers each day, Mike shared that it is important they possess the following skills:

  • Good communication abilities.
  • A sense of professionalism.
  • The ability to organize and prioritize.
  • Commitment to quality.
  • Superb customer service.

How to become a meat cutter.

Meat cutters are the prime position of the meat department. It takes time and patience to learn how to perform this skilled position correctly. In order to become a Publix meat cutter, you need experience as a Publix meat cutter apprentice or equivalent work experience.  

If you’re interested in a career as a meat cutter, apply online and select the meat cutter trainee position. Current Publix associates can indicate they have an interest and speak to their store’s meat manager about the meat cutter apprentice position.

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