Publix Patriots: From Commander to Director of Facilities Refrigeration and Energy Management

ByAllison L.

April 14, 2021

Publix with American flag

Did you know Publix was recently recognized by Forbes as one of the best employers for veterans? We appreciate the commitment veterans have made to our country, and we are proud to call them family at Publix. In our Publix Patriots blog series, we highlight our military veteran associates and share their Publix story. Learn from an associate in our facilities department and his career path with Publix.

Meet Mikhael, Director of Facilities Refrigeration and Energy Management.

Mikhael grew up in Orlando and always shopped at Publix. After his 20-year career in the Navy, Publix was one of the first companies he thought of to continue his career.

“I started working for Publix as a construction manager, primarily focused on construction of the Orlando Refrigeration Distribution Center and the Central Fill Pharmacy,” Mikhael told us. “I later became a construction manager for the Jacksonville Division, followed by director of construction.”

Mikhael has been with Publix for seven years and now serves as the director of facilities refrigeration and energy management. His time in the military helped prepare him for a career with Publix. In fact, his military responsibilities were similar to his current responsibilities at Publix. In the Navy Civil Engineer Corps, Mikhael retired as a commander (O-5). He was in charge of the Coastal Integrated Product Team for Naval Facilities Engineering Command Southwest in San Diego.

“In the Civil Engineer Corps, I led teams that worked behind the scenes to keep our Navy bases in top shape and well maintained to support the warfighter,” Mikhael said. That means his team provided utility operations, design ideas, environmental support and construction contracting support to all the Navy bases around San Diego.

“At Publix, I fill a similar role in leading teams that work behind the scenes to support retail operations, focusing on our refrigeration systems,” he said. “I love being a part of the facilities team at Publix!”

Mikhael, Director of Facilities Refrigeration and Energy Management

How Mikhael’s military background helped him at Publix.

Mikhael in military uniform

Mikhael’s motto in the Navy was, “CAN-DO.” His team was focused on accomplishing the task at hand successfully and safely. That’s the same mentality he brings to Publix.

“Attention to detail, taking pride in your work, and acting with the highest levels of integrity and commitment,” Mikhael said. “Those skills served me well in the military, and they serve me well here at Publix.”

Mikhael believes the motivation, dedication and discipline learned in the military can help veterans excel in any role at Publix.

“I truly enjoyed my 20-year career in the Navy, and I have equally enjoyed the challenges I’ve faced and the accomplishments I’ve achieved here at Publix,” Mikhael said. “Publix can always use great people who have the same ‘servant’s heart’ attitude that motivates many people to enter military service.”

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