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Seasonal Staffing Program: Seasonal Associate to Assistant Meat Manager

Allison L. | June 16, 2021

Did you know Publix offers seasonal staffing opportunities at select stores? Our seasonal staffing program supports stores that experience fluctuations in customer visits and sales during specific times of the year. Stores in seasonal areas, like coastal locations, hire local residents and even visitors to assist during their busy season in all areas of the store. Today we meet Tyler, an associate who started his Publix career as a seasonal associate and is now a permanent assistant meat manager!

At 23 years old, Tyler began his career with Publix as a part-time seasonal deli clerk at a store on the beach in Destin, Florida.  He spent three months in this role and was then hired as a full-time seafood clerk at the same location.

“After being hired as a seafood clerk, I transitioned into a meat cutter apprentice role,” said Tyler. “I was later promoted to a meat cutter and then assistant meat manager.  I am now a finalist for a meat manager position!”

In his current role, Tyler oversees the forecasting and operations of the meat department at his store.  Each day, he learns more about being a manager and the different career opportunities at Publix.

“I have always wanted to be a meat cutter and work in the cooler, but I did not realize the challenges and benefits of being a meat manager.”

Beginning his career as a seasonal associate opened many career opportunities for Tyler.  He has goals of one day becoming a Publix store manager,  a meat retail improvement specialist or even a meat buyer.

Being surrounded by great mentors has motivated Tyler to succeed and set those goals.  Each day, he is driven by the challenges he faces at his store.

“I enjoy working at Publix because of the fast-paced environment and the constant change of business trends,” Tyler said. “Working at a seasonal beach store keeps me on my toes and continues to challenge me every day.”

Tyler’s work ethic has remained the same since starting as a seasonal associate. In fact, he recommends anyone interested in beginning a career with Publix – whether it be as a seasonal associate or not – never give up because the possibilities at Publix are endless.

“It’s important to complete each task like Mr. George was working on it with you,” Tyler said.

Interested in beginning your Publix career? Apply today and keep in touch with us on  Facebook,  Twitter,  Instagram  and  LinkedIn!

I enjoy working at Publix because of the fast-paced environment and the constant change of business trends.

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