Women in Leadership: Manager of Training Delivery

ByAllison L. May 21, 2021

At Publix, we are committed to creating a diverse workplace to better serve our customers and communities. Female leaders are a big part of our workforce. In fact, we’re recognized as one of Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Women. This is an accomplishment we are proud of, as women continue to pave the way for future female leaders.

In our Women in Leadership blog series, we learn about the career paths of our female leaders and hear their perspective on being a woman in a leadership role. Today, we hear from a manager at our corporate office in Lakeland, Florida. 

Meet Amiee, Manager of Training Delivery .

Amiee started her career at Publix in 1993 in the meat department, then transitioned to being a cashier eight weeks later. She spent most of her time in our stores working in customer service part-time through college. Amiee worked at Publix stores throughout central Florida and the Florida Panhandle, where she even got the opportunity to meet our founder, Mr. George! 

In 2002, Amiee’s career switched paths. One day while working, she was approached by one of our customer service retail improvement specialists, who recommended she help with the rollout of a centralized orientation program for Tallahassee, Florida.  

Amiee, Manager of Training Delivery

“It was in that role that I realized my love for teaching,” Amiee said. “I changed my degree in college to education, worked as a middle school math teacher and quickly researched how I could do this with Publix full time.” 

She had truly found her niche in teaching and training. While supporting a new program rollout, Amiee was selected to be a training specialist in the Atlanta area. After serving as a training specialist, Amiee advanced into a senior training specialist role, followed by master trainer and now manager of training delivery. 

Amiee told us, “Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to enjoy the ‘smorgasbord of opportunities’ Publix has to offer.”   

Being a Woman in Leadership. 

Amiee has found success in her leadership role by remembering to always take care of her people first. She cares for each one of her associates, even if they are not directly managed by her.  

“Our company has a culture like no other. The values we were founded on in 1930 remain true today. Each one of us makes an impact on so many, from customers to co–workers; we are all in this together.” 

Amiee’s leadership style is to lead by example, show integrity, share knowledge and assist those around her to develop and grow. She sets goals and works hard to accomplish them. Along the way, Amiee makes sure to let others know of her appreciation for their contribution to their shared goals and successes. 

“It is important that a leader has an open mind and fills it with new possibilities,” Aimee said. 

It is important that a leader has an open mind and fills it with new possibilities.

For Amiee, new possibilities include broadening her knowledge. She often interacts with other departments at Publix to continuously learn and grow in her leadership role.  

“Through interacting with other departments, I am able to find more projects and trainings to keep my team challenged and learning,” she said. “I periodically join our trainers to glean and share knowledge during their teachings. I also attend training forums to learn what is new and upcoming in training delivery so I can then share with our team.” 

While being a continuous learner and teacher has helped Amiee in her leadership role, she also turns to other women in her life to motivate her to continue developing as a leader.  

“There are several women in my life who have inspired me, from my mom and grandmother, who were strong, independent women, to several mentors within Publix who have made strides in helping our company grow our futures,” Aimee said. “We are all influenced by others. I would like to continue to influence others, not just because I’m a woman, but because I’m a leader for a GREAT company.” 

Amiee suggests having a clear vision because the opportunities at Publix are endless. 

“Take it from me, sometimes your experiences at our company can open doors you never knew existed, and you just have to walk (through them). As our founder once said, ‘Begin … The rest is easy.’” 

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