Job Spotlight: Digital and Loyalty Marketing Team

February 2022

Job Spotlight: Digital and Loyalty Marketing Team

Publix has many digital offerings to help make shopping a pleasure for customers. Behind each of those offerings is a team of talented individuals contributing to Publix’s premier customer service.

Grab & Go meals at Publix.

April 2021

Job Spotlight: Fresh Kitchen

From smoked chicken meals to deli sandwiches, there are many offerings when it comes to the grab & go section of your local Publix.

Meat Cutter

February 2021

Job Spotlight: Meat Cutter

As you can imagine, our meat cutters have multiple responsibilities each day including providing quality products, premier customer service, a clean and sanitary environment and most importantly, working safely.

Job Spotlight: Omnichannel

September 2020

Job Spotlight: Omnichannel Analytics

At Publix, we always strive to provide our customers with a convenient and pleasurable shopping experience, whether that’s in store or online. If you’ve ever used Publix Delivery, picked up your groceries using our curbside service or ordered a deli sub online, you’ve taken advantage of some of our omnichannel shopping solutions.

Marketing Analytics team

May 2020

Job Spotlight: Marketing Analytics

Did you know Publix has a team that uses the power of data to tackle business challenges and create a personalized shopping experience for our customers?

Warehouse Selector

May 2020

Job Spotlight: Warehouse Selector

Our warehouse selectors help ship products from our warehouses to over 1,200 stores by pulling, palletizing, and wrapping store orders.

Senior Manager of Diversity and Human Resources Analysis

February 2020

Job Spotlight: Senior Manager of Diversity and Human Resources Analysis

At Publix, we strive to create a workforce as diverse as the customers we serve. Welcome back to our job spotlight series. Did you know we have an entire department that focuses on making diversity and inclusion a priority at Publix?

Publix truck

October 2019

Job Spotlight: Truck Drivers

This month we are taking you on a ride with our truck drivers. Without them it would be impossible to meet the grocery needs of our customers. Buckle up as we take you behind the scenes of what it’s like to be a truck driver for Publix!

Media and Community Relations

September 2019

Job Spotlight: Media and Community Relations

Have you ever wondered who organizes and represents Publix in the media and our communities? You see their faces on the news and in newspaper articles and their names quoted in news stories. That’s right, it’s our awesome Media and Community Relations (MCR) department!

Education and Training Development team

August 2019

Job Spotlight: Education and Training Development

Our company is continuously growing and with growth comes changes to how we operate. That’s where our Education and Training Development team steps in!