Publix Patriots: Army Medical Sergeant to Customer Service Manager

ByJazmyn M.September 4, 2020
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Welcome to our Publix Patriots blog series! This series showcases some of our military veteran associates and the skills they gained in the military that helped prepare them for leadership roles at Publix.

Meet Cyndi, customer service manager in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Cyndi is a customer service manager at Bay Pointe Plaza Publix, # 1541, in St. Petersburg, Florida, who formerly served as a medical sergeant in the U.S. Army. Cyndi served in the military from 2011 to 2017. During that time, she began her career as a part-time cashier at Publix while also working toward a bachelor’s degree in business management. Cyndi enjoyed working for Publix and was quickly promoted to customer service staff. Her store manager opened Cyndi’s eyes to the career opportunities available at Publix, and how she would be able to apply the leadership skills she learned in the military as a manager.

Cyndi, Customer Service Manager

How Cyndi’s military background helped her at Publix.

Cyndi stitching a leg

As a medical sergeant, some of Cyndi’s main responsibilities included coordinating medical training for the unit, ordering medical supplies and helping to ensure soldiers were medically able to be deployed. In addition to the leadership skills she developed, Cyndi shared that being in the military helped her to overcome adversity. “The most difficult experience I had in the military was injuring myself and having to rehabilitate in physical therapy before being able to return to full duty,” Cyndi explained. “It took a lot of hard work to get better, but I was ready to get back to serve. I apply that same level of commitment to my role as a manager every single day. To be successful at Publix, you must be willing to work hard, have a great sense of organization and know the value of teamwork.”

The Army also showed her what it meant to be self-disciplined, which included arriving 20 minutes early to every appointment and doing the right thing, even when no one was looking. Brittany shared: “The military overall helped me to be a better person and gave me the tools to work in every-day situations. I have become the best version of myself because of the training I was given and the situations I faced in the Army.”

If you are a veteran looking for employment opportunities, consider starting a career with Publix. “If you are looking for a great place to work, where you will be an integral part of the team, Publix is the place for you to begin a long and rewarding career,” said Cyndi. Her advice to veterans is to be flexible, just as you often have to be in the military. She also suggests being open to opportunities within our storescorporate officesdistribution centers or manufacturing facilities.

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