Women in Leadership: Alabama Store Managers

By Allison L.March 2, 2022

Publix is continuously recognized as a great place to work, and we know our associates are a big part of these accolades! Did you know, we were recently named as one of Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Women? In our Women in Leadership blog series, we highlight female leaders across our company. Today, we hear from two store managers and learn about their career paths to leadership positions. 

Meet Alicia, Store Manager in Alabama. 

Alicia began her Publix career in 1999 as a front service clerk (bagger) after her dad suggested she apply for a job at Publix. She quickly became good friends with her co-workers and was astonished by all the opportunities available to her. In college, Alicia took advantage of Publix’s tuition reimbursement program, and began to dedicate herself to advancement within the company.

At Publix, Alicia was able to represent the company in many emerging markets including Georgia, the Florida panhandle and Alabama. She credits Publix for preparing her to lead anywhere and everywhere. Along the way, Alicia has worked with many incredible leaders who have helped shape her into the leader she is today, and she enjoys paying it forward by developing associates for the future of Publix.

“My greatest days are the ones where my associates are promoted, whether that is to full time, an advancement within their department or a promotion in the company. It’s in those moments that I know I’m doing something right.”

Alicia, Store Manager in Alabama

Alicia focuses on working as a team to accomplish goals and visions for the store. She has always felt her teams at Publix were more than just co-workers, but family.

“Publix was my family before I got married and had kids. Every associate and customer I have becomes a part of my family as well.”

Alicia’s advice for anyone interested in starting a career at Publix is to be patient. It can take time to advance, and she recommends that you don’t compare yourself to others.

“Be your best! Do your best! Set yourself apart from others and bring things to the table that further the Publix mission and help us provide premier customer service,” Alicia shared. “Also, remember what it was like when you started. Our new associates are our future, so always remember to train your replacement. How will we grow without developing future leaders?”

Meet Joy, Store Manager in Alabama.

Joy, Store Manager in Alabama

Joy started her Publix career as a front service clerk in 2005. Looking back now, she shares that she almost didn’t get the job!

“During my interview, I discovered that I accidentally marked that I was above the age of 18, which the interviewing manager said was one of the main reasons I received a call for an interview,” Joy said.

She had just turned 16 and was hired as a front service clerk. Over the next four years, Joy worked with various managers at two locations, including one who took the time to get to know Joy and saw management potential in her before she saw it in herself. He shared the benefits of having a career with Publix and began to challenge Joy with new tasks and additional responsibilities. Those challenges prepared Joy for her next position as customer service team leader.

“About a year after becoming a customer service team leader, I made a decision that would forever change my future and my career with Publix — I moved to Alabama,” Joy shared.

Alabama was still a new market for Publix at the time and it provided a plethora of opportunities. Within three years of moving to Alabama, Joy was promoted to customer service manager and then her current role of store manager.

Being a store manager is a rewarding job for Joy. In her role, she has the opportunity to identify future leaders for Publix and make a difference each day for her customers.

“As Publix continues to grow and expand, it is our responsibility as owners and leaders to continue to build Publix’s reputation of exceptional service.”

Joy finds success in being a leader and developing future leaders by emphasizing the four “A’s”: approachable, accessible, active and accountable. She works side by side with her associates and interacts with them to build trust and create a positive work environment.

“Working through times of stress and frustration really has shown me what I can do to be a better leader for my team,” Joy shared. “Situations in which we lack control help us identify what we can do to become better operators for our team.”

Joy’s advice for those interested in starting their Publix career is simple: be humble, be willing, be assertive and be proud.

“Be humble enough to start at an entry-level position. Be willing to stay late, to work weekends or to work across different departments. Be assertive in how you communicate your career goals regarding your future vision,” Joy shared. “But most importantly, be proud, as you now work for the premier quality food retailer in the world!”

But most importantly, be proud, as you now work for the premier quality food retailer in the world!

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